Z’s sourdough

The breadmaking went really well. Knowing that sourdough can be tricky, I limited my expectations. But when I took it out of the bowl this morning to knock back, it felt right, springy and just the right degree of resistance, so my hopes were raised. I lined two small bowls with floured tea towels as instructed, left it a few more hours and put a pan of water in the oven to create steam as the loaves cooked. A small faux pas when I carefully turned them onto a baking sheet, slid them in the Aga and immediately realised I’d forgotten to slash the tops, so I whipped them straight out and did it. Not enough, it would have been better with a slightly deeper cut or two. But never mind. The taste is wonderful.

4 comments on “Z’s sourdough

  1. Kestrel

    I really love the smell of fresh bread from the oven floating through the house, and of course fresh bread with lots of cold butter. I hav always been a bread person but hav to watch my carb intake or I ll look like your lovely sourdough buns – rotund

  2. Z Post author

    Yes, I have to use self-discipline too. Not sure if it’s just the bread or what I put on it!

    It’s both, BW. 50g of rye flour and 50g white wheat flour. Having the rye there gives extra flavour.


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