Z’s social whirl

I came to add a post the other day and I was assured that I was offline, which I wasn’t. If the host or whatever is having a problem, it should tell me so, not tell me the fault is at my end. Anyway, the moment passed and I’ve been either busy or tired since.

The week was somewhat sociable, with two lunches out and friends round for dinner on Wednesday evening. We should have gone to Weeza yesterday, but the wind was so strong, having been advised not to drive, we didn’t. We’ll go next Saturday instead. The social life isn’t about to stop, I’m going to Rose for lunch tomorrow and there will be other guests, one of whom is her – this is no insult, it’s how I described me in regard to Tim – latest squeeze, whom I haven’t met yet and the others are old friends of hers whom I know already. Then, next week while Wink and I are in Reading (lovely Rose is house sitting), friends have asked us round for dinner. I really do crave a social life again, especially after my wonderful fortnight away.

Which brings me on to the subject of a possible blog party. If I could pick myself up after Russell died, I can now. If I don’t, it’s not likely to happen again and I may not see some of you for ages, if at all. Not the beginning of June of course, because of Her Maj – I wouldn’t want to steal her thunder, hem hem, but I’m fairly free otherwise in June and July. Any takers?

One comment on “Z’s social whirl

  1. Scarlet

    Just a bit blowy this weekend!
    Anyhow, crack on with the blog party, it’s nice knowing that blogging chums meet up – I would come, but it’s such a long way and I don’t travel well.


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