Z’s good day

I’ve got the papers all ready with accompanying forms, ready to post tomorrow. It’s basically all I’ve done, but tomorrow I’ll clean and tidy the drawing room. Then the kitchen will be the only total tip. I’m not sure what’s gone wrong, I keep the working surfaces clear and clean but the rest is dreadful.

Really must do Christmas cards. And buy the rest of the presents, but it’s cards that are looming over me. It’s actually less stressful to write them than to worry about them.

Other than lunch with Al, Dilly and co on Sunday, I’m pretty well holing up here until Christmas is over. I don’t want to test positive before then. I’ll be careful in January too, because I’m hoping to visit friends mid-month. I mentioned it a few weeks ago – Sheila and family in Atlanta. I’ve got a seat held for the 14th January. It’ll depend on what one is allowed to do by then, but I’ll get on to the travel insurance people tomorrow. Before then, I hope to visit Reading – I can either go early in the month and come back for a few days, or else go, stay until the 14th and return there afterwards. Sheila’s family members are gratifyingly pleased that I intend to come and I do hope I’m not stopped.

Young Zerlina tested positive last week. It was a routine test for school, she couldn’t believe the two lines and took another one. Since then, her PCR test has also been positive. She has no symptoms. Out of consideration for others, the whole family is staying home. Weeza’s work colleagues, though they’re pressed to get their work done before the holidays, prefer her to stay away and so does Gus’s school. Government recommendation is to work from home if possible, so Phil is covered. He normally does, one day a week, so was home anyway on the first day.

I fill in the Zoe app daily and have done since it came out, with the odd forgotten day. I have never filled in anything to say I’m unwell, remarkably. When I was vaccinated, I duly reported a slightly sore arm for a few days, but that was it. Not so much as a sniffle for nearly two years.

I received a parcel in the post today. I took off the wrapping and found a card and a present. It was from the couple who bought all the remaining china in the auction, six weeks ago. Just thanking me and wishing me well. Clients. Nice people, I was friendly and they were friendly, but they are clients, not actually friends. I’ve also had a card from another client, with a letter. Lowestoft collectors seems to be the best and friendliest people ever and I love my job. Job should be in inverted commas because it’s one auction a year and, for all the work I do, I really don’t make much money. But I take it as important and am immensely conscientious about it, whilst still making every effort to be very friendly and a bit amateur, in the ‘doing it for love’ sense. I’m more relieved than I can say about the paperwork that was my one productive effort today, so I’m calling it a good day.

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  1. 63mago

    I think you achieved a lot, papers, cleaning, cards … I am happy if I manage one task a day, after that I am proud for a moment, and tired for the rest of the day.


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