Z wishes for a talent to amuse. Or anything else, come to that.

I’m scouting around for things to write about that aren’t the fairly uninteresting daily life I lead. I do want to keep up with that, not least because it’s a useful reference for me. For example, I tell you – whether or not you’re interested – when I buy a new dishwasher, which is a note for me about when I bought it, without having to go to the ineffably sensible lengths of actually looking up the receipt. When I was thinking about my illness last December, I discovered that I’d not told you anything about it, which unusual reticence meant that I had to write it all down – I say ‘had’ but it was a choice, of course, because I knew I’d forget details – more recently.

I know, because you lovely readers have told me in the past, that you like me writing about my past, or that of my family. I am also uncomfortably aware that I used, years ago, to be funnier. I’m writing most days, you may have noticed, in the hope that I become better at it, as I know I used to be. I don’t have any writing ambitions beyond blogging, but I’d like to entertain at that, to whatever extent I’m able.

So, I’m best when it comes to reminiscing and to just generally waffling to mildly amusing effect. But I’ve rather run out of things to reminisce or waffle about. Hum.

Actually, that reminds me of a story about the WI. Tomoz, darlings.

5 comments on “Z wishes for a talent to amuse. Or anything else, come to that.

  1. Scarlet

    I used to be funnier. Now I’m just shell-shocked. At least you do write something everyday. I have bought myself a mid-year diary to try to kickstart myself into some kind of activity, anyhow, I look forward to the WI story tomorrow.

  2. Glenda

    I think we all have lost some of our sense of playfulness. I like your remembrances. I try to journal, but some days I just don’t want to relive by writing about them anymore.

  3. Z Post author

    Playfulness is a good word, Glenda, as is Scarlet’s shell-shocked. I take the view that being miserable just makes me dwell on a bad situation. Some years ago, when Russell was ill and we didn’t know why, I started to blog in, in a new blog, but I only wrote two posts, which have never been public. I do talk about awfulness but I don’t dwell on it.
    I lost my wit a long time ago, sadly. I wish I could get it back!

  4. Blue Witch

    A tip for remembering how old appliances etc are, and when the guarantee runs out – put a label (or write) on the plug with date of purchase and number of years warranty. Saves looking out the paperwork if it goes wrong. If out of guarantee these days it is rarely worth getting it repaired. Sadly.

    1. Z Post author

      Excellent suggestion, BW. We do have independent electricians around here who repair things, but it depends on what it is, of course. My lovely Sebo vacuum cleaner needed new fanbelts three or four years ago, the only repair it needed in thirty years. Sadly, that repairman has moved to Spain post Brexit.


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