Z thinks about LT on his birthday

Wince and I tidied up today. And i brought boxes up from the barn and unpacked them. It would have been Tim’s 80th birthday and we’d planned to have a big party, so I wanted distractions but also to feel connected with him. A fine line to tread.I’ve got a nice, small leather armchair in here now and need to move furniture round a bit, to make the room uncluttered again. I’ve emptied, washed and refilled a kitchen cupboard and reorganised in the larder, but there’s still a lot to deal with.

Lovely, kind people have been in touch, I’ve had flowers and messages. I have very dear friends and I love and appreciate them.

3 comments on “Z thinks about LT on his birthday

  1. Blue Witch

    The first of anything after a death is always difficult, but much more so when it would have been such a significant birthday. I’m glad you found a way to be closer to Tim. Thinking of you.

  2. how do we know

    Happy Birthday to Tim, and here’s to celebrating all the love he brought to others.. and the wonderful person that he most certainly was… Hugs and Love!


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