Z rushes in, hot and bothered

It’s been a fortnight, I’m so sorry. Time ran away with me and I never remember that I need to write during the day because I don’t (apart from now) use the computer after dinner nowadays.

Wink and Veronica came to stay and the family came over the weekend before last. There is plenty of room in the garden (we have been lucky with the weather on every family occasion this year) for as much distancing as anyone wants to have. And we’d already agreed on caution, once schools restarted, until we knew how much infections would rise. Dilly, who’s a high school teacher, said that she, Al and the three children are in 9 bubbles between them. There’s no social distancing in high schools, in practice, she says.

We are, at present, putting together the catalogue for the next auction. It can’t take place at its usual venue, but my lovely auctioneer has agreed to host it at her salerooms in Diss. I am basically doing it for my vendors, I’ll hope to break even on the event, but never mind. As for next year, it’s far too early to say. If there are likely to be restrictions, I’ll just call it a day and retire. If not, I’m finding it harder to do all the work but I still love the china and the event, so I will probably carry on for a bit longer.

All the chicks are fine. I count them all and none of the mummies, even the hapless Slapper, has lost one of them yet. They are dear little things and I have my favourite colours – so hoping that the little dark one is a girl. My friend who kindly gave me some pullets after the fox got my chickens would like some of the surplus girls, which is good as I just can’t deal with all the chickens I’ve got any more. I’m sure some are laying, but I don’t know where, so I’m having to buy eggs.

I’m also feeding a fair few (as we say in Norfolk) hedgehogs. I’ve seen more of them this year than I have for a while, so I hope this suggests an increase in numbers. One evening, I fed four of them, though I only saw the newest two on that occasion. I put out three dishes of food normally, in various locations, and I’m going through a lot of cat food.

Since LT is working hard on the catalogue and most of my work in that regard is done, I have no excuse not to post. So I’ll hold myself to that resolve.

2 comments on “Z rushes in, hot and bothered

  1. Blue Witch

    I don’t know where the time goes either.

    I’ve seen evidence of a hedgehog up here, but not the actual item, yet. There are zero slugs though (unlike Coven Sud where nematodes in large quantities are required every year – and they don’t work on the large slimeballs), so it/they are doing a good job. Along with the frogs and toads.

    I hope the auction goes well. Which reminds me, I must look into local auctions of ‘bygones’ up here. I’m sure my collection will grow significantly!

    Do you think the hens aren’t laying because there are so many babies around? I think hens work off each others hormones, so as those with babies probably won’t be laying or producing those hormones, so the others aren’t encouraged to lay. Just a theory. But, all those hens and having to buy eggs. Sheesh!

    1. Z Post author

      Good point. I know that eight of them are unlikely to be laying, but I’ve got one girl who hatched in March, so I should think she is, she’s certainly fully grown. And one of the big black hens was laying in the other greenhouse until the hedgehog started stealing her eggs, which put her off, so there may well be two or three of them with eggs.

      Certainly there are times when all the little bastards are laying and we’re inundated with eggs. But not now.


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