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A brief visit but it went well. Wink made me a cup of tea when I arrived and started making gin and tonic noises at quarter to five, which I resolutely disregarded, saying that we didn’t deserve such a thing until we’d done the packing up. Honestly, you wouldn’t think that I’m the irresponsible one in the family.

An hour and a half later, we’d filled my seven boxes and put them and her two, plus various other bits and pieces, in my car and we had earned our drink and a relaxing evening.

Tomorrow morning, I have my first haircut booked for five months. Normally, I have it cut every five weeks. I must remember to ask Tim to take a photo of it in the morning before I go. He’s going to drop me off – my car being full of heavy boxes, I’m going to ask Wince the gardener to help me carry them indoors so, while I could drive into town with a laden car, there doesn’t seem much point.

Packing up to leave yesterday, I reflected on how much more relaxed I’ve become about myself. I took a toothbrush and toothpaste, face cream, a hairbrush, deodorant, a nightdress and a pair of knickers. No makeup, no other toiletries. I wore glasses and didn’t take contact lenses. It’s not as if I used to have a ‘beauty routine’ or any such thing, but I’d at least have taken some mascara and so on, and cleanser to remove it. Now, I shrug. It doesn’t matter. I’m glad I’ve never coloured my hair, it is in lovely condition and I like it being long enough to feel on my face and neck.

I did take two portable battery packs for my phone, though. There are some things that are essential. I also took three books, just so I’d have a choice.

6 comments on “Z relaxes

  1. Dharmabum

    You’ve always seemed related to me. Coming to think of it, ‘relaxing’ is a word that may somewhat accurately describe how I feel when I drop by here. And more often that not, I leave with a smile.

  2. PixieMum

    I’m with you on the make up since lockdown, before I wore tinted moisturiser, Bourjois colouring and eye make up. When we had the sunshine in April and May I managed to sit in the garden and soak up the sun, helps with Vitamin D intake too. The blonde highlights went over two years ago, although my hair is grey rather than white it goes well with the suntan. Neither Ian nor I have had haircuts since this started, as he says it doesn’t matter he’s just pleased to have hair, also it isn’t grey either.

    Have started to go for a short walk locally for exercise, one of my rare FB postings created quite a reaction to this. What larks. 🦢

  3. Z Post author

    I don’t always feel relaxed of course, but it’s what I aim for. And I’m glad I make you smile, Dharmabum. Much more often than not, that’s what I hope for too.

    I think that self-acceptance has been a mark of this time, PixieMum, I hope that we don’t lose that benefit of a terribly difficult period. I do hope that an effective vaccine and/or treatment are found, so that you can get your way of life back. I feel constrained and, of course, I know you are much more so.

  4. Scarlet

    How did the haircut go?
    I’ve decided that I prefer my hair longer, and I’m another who is pleased that I stopped colouring my hair five years ago – I used to hate seeing my roots, and lockdown roots would have driven me to do something silly!
    I still wear mascara, but the rest of my face doesn’t bother me.

  5. Blue Witch

    I’ve managed two meetings with friends without make-up now. 30 years ago I wouldn’t haveput out the bins without make up on, but now… as I can’t see it, what/who am I doing it for anyway?

  6. Z Post author

    The haircut was fine, she quite appreciated that I didn’t really want my hair to be any shorter. And, while I was wondering how long it was reasonable to suggest before my next appointment, she suggested two months, which was what I wanted but was hesitating to suggest. I did take photos of before and after, but the blog seems to think that phone photos are a security risk and I need to look at this in daytime rather than after dinner when I want to go to bed.

    Yes, I used to always wear basic makeup, ever since the age of 38. I look better with it, but I don’t care any more. And with a mask, foundation and lipstick are redundant anyway.

    I agree about the roots, Scarlet. It’s something that’s really put me off colouring my hair. I’d rather be grey than have roots. I accept and value my age anyway, I have never tried to give the impression I’m younger than I am, I’m not in a field of business that has made it necessary, luckily. If I’d gone grey in my thirties, that’s fine. I think grey hair is beautiful.


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