Z makes an effort

I’ve signed up for a painting course. It’s free and online, but it’s a start. I don’t really have capacity at present, but I’ve nothing to lose (except the £37 for the equipment on Amazon, and that’s just the basics) and will be interested to see if I’m totally put off or feel some engagement. i’ve an open mind and would be glad to feel the latter.

I’ve accepted an invitation to next-village’s 100th anniversary WI celebration. I saw it on the local googlegroup and thought I’d not go, I haven’t managed any of the village things so far, it’s a step beyond what I’ve been able to cope with. But the president emailed me and that’s tipped the balance.

I’m considering a hog roast next month, a charity thing for Ukraine. Little as I want to start putting myself out there, staying home where I’m comfortable is no way to spend the rest of my life. Dammit. If I don’t do it, no one will do it for me. Sadly, I don’t get that many invitations (which is why I’ve accepted Doris’s) so I have to be the one to make the effort.

I went to Nadfas today and a woman opposite and a little in front of me looked just like a friend, but three-quarters-back view and with a mask on, I wasn’t sure. Then a friend of hers brought her coffee, she took her mask off to drink it and then turned towards me, and it wasn’t Jill after all. But her back view and her profile were identical. I’m surprisingly good at recognising people with a mask, that I wasn’t entirely confident was unusual enough to give me pause and stopped me going over to say hello. Even after I knew it wasn’t her, I couldn’t stop glancing towards her. Her hair, stance, mannerisms, even her clothes were so like my friend (who moved here from Surrey, no likelihood that they’re related) that I could hardly believe it. Thinking about it, this lady is at least 10 years younger, that was why I was uncertain. I suppose we all have our doubles. I remember blogging that, some years ago, I came home from London and a woman diagonally in front of me on the train was the image of my mother, to the extent that the beret she was wearing was just the same as one of hers. Really makes one pause and think.

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  1. Blue Witch

    Good luck with the art course (assuming it is the one we spoke about).

    Just have fun and don’t be daunted by the amount of ‘content’ that gets thrown at you. Just do what you feel like doing and don’t expect to try to read, watch, or do it all (unless you want to).

    Unexpected enfored change of plans means I might be able to do it again this year. Bits of it anyway. I am going to try to be less of a perfectionist than I have been in the past. A couple of glasses of wine before doing each day’s exercises might do the trick!

    I’m always spooked by people who resemble others too. Up here, all the men above about 50 look the same to me (and so different to those in the south), which makes interactions interesting to say the least!

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve explained I’m away this weekend, so will have to catch up. I don’t know what to expect so will do as I’m told as far as I can. I’ve looked at the Facebook page and a lot of people are very earnest. I’m not and there’s no point in perfectionism!

    1. Z Post author

      I need to push myself, I’m completely ignorant about this subject so anything I do will be an adventure. Having a go, giving things a try, that’s the point. Not necessarily doing it “well” – whatever that means.

  2. dinahmow

    Having fun at trying something new is the right approach. Except, I suppose for running a nuclear plant! But you’re a “doer” so you’ll be fine.


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