Z makes a booking

I’ve booked a hotel for Heathrow on Thursday night, which will cost little more than a taxi each way from Reading and give me peace of mind, whatever that is. I hardly remember. i’ve booked my test – if regulations change while I’m away, I can book from Atlanta. I’ve ploughed through most of today’s to-do list, including the most vital things. Unfinished stuff can start tomorrow’s list. I’m driving to Reading after Eloise cat’s vaccination appointment on Wednesday and going to Heathrow on Thursday afternoon.

Tomorrow, apart from the List, is laundry day and deciding what clothes to take. There’s a huge baggage allowance, which I certainly won’t need. Not until I buy presents for the family to bring home, anyway. I’m not fond of taking a lot of clothes that I never end up wearing, unless it’s because of a change in the weather so the sundress or the sweater weren’t needed.

Also on the lists is presents for my hosts. Not knowing anything about their house or their taste, this won’t be easy. I’ll take Sheila some Marmite, though.

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  1. Martina

    A friend went to London two months ago. She did her Christmas shopping there. Amongst the presents she gave me were two very nice tea towels commemorating the Queen’s 95th birthday and a fancy tin from Fortnums containing their brand pistachio shortbread cookies. Maybe something like that for your friends? They would be easy to pack and not take much room in your luggage.

  2. Blue Witch

    If you have too much baggage allowance you are either flying Premium Economy or Club 😉

    As for gifts – I love it when people give me tea-towels from their area. Everyone needs tea towels. And you can often buy them at airports. Just thinking… they probably have Queenie’s Platinum Jubilee ones at LHR by now…

    I’m a bit busy at present, so if I don’t get back here before you leave – have a wonderful break.

  3. Z Post author

    I’ve got a Bungay shopping bag and mugs and various local goodies. Good idea about the jubilee, I’ll check out the airport shops tomorrow.

    If you’ve ever had a flight with a 10k allowance, you learn to pack light – though I prefer to, actually. It’s such a nuisance having a load of stuff you don’t really need. The allowance is 23k plus a carry-on bag as well as a handbag, if it weren’t for taking presents I’d use about half that.

    Thank you all xx


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