Z & LT pack their bags

We’ve had Rose’s brother staying this week, over from Trinidad, which has been a great pleasure.  Rose doesn’t have a spare bedroom – she has a sofa bed, but that’s a bit more faff at the end of the day and we have lots of room, so it works out nicely.  We’re off to LT’s place tomorrow, so he’ll be in charge of everything for the rest of the week.  We’ll be away for our anniversary in fact – yes, darlings, on Sunday we’ll have been married for a whole year.  Still like each other…..

We’re going to the caravan, so internet will be spasmodic from Thursday and I probably won’t post at all, as it would have to be from the phone when there’s a brief hint of 4G, which is occasional in that part of Pembrokeshire.  And I will probably have other things to do, darlings.

We picked all the vegetables that were ready; the last of the sweetcorn, some raspberries, tomatoes, peppers and so on.  The figs seem to be over and I think we’ve had the last of the cucumbers, when we get back we’ll need to harvest all the squashes – we’ve had one and picked another to take away, it’s been a good year in the kitchen garden and the freezer is full, as well as the shelves of pickles.  I’ve made dishes to take with us for the first day, but we’ll buy local food after that.  Or, remembering young Gus’s advice, we’ll go to the pub.

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