Z looks forward

There are a number of acceptances for the blog party, which I’m very happy about. Trusting that the weather will be fine, of course, but Wink’s house is at our disposal as well as ours, so we can juggle a bit if we must. Indigo and Lisa, the Bears, Zoe and Mike da Hat, Compostwoman Sarah and Ian, Fiona the Cottage Smallholder, Vicus Scurra and Roses all plan to come, so far, plus Ro, Dora and the children and possible Rev Dave. I’m looking forward to it immensely.

We’ve been invited to a surprise birthday party next month, which has been moved by a few days because of the end of restrictions having been delayed. Tim and I are still slightly dubious about the arrangements, because we’re not entirely confident that all the practicalities have been addressed. All the same, that side of it is not our problem, so we’re fully prepared to turn up in our glad rags and have a good time. Just as long as we have a summer of jollity, with plenty of opportunities to have naps in between, I’ll be happy.

For now, I’m mostly spending contented hours planning the menu for the blog party. Keeping it simple, though. I’m not aiming to impress anyone, just to make sure that everyone has plenty to eat and that it tastes good. And to drink, obvs.

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