Z is touched

I was a bit odd today. Not at the start, though I overslept, which was unusual. After my usual wakeful time in the night, I slept and woke and looked at my watch. 6 o’clock, I thought it said, but it didn’t feel like 6 so I checked my phone. I’d misread; it was 9 in the morning. But it didn’t matter, I was planning to leave the house at about 11.

I went to the dentist in Norwich, which was fine except for a previously chipped back tooth, which this time he decided he wanted to fill, though it isn’t giving trouble. Still, I can see that it’s not very stable, so I’ve made another appointment. I drove into the city centre. The St Giles roundabout is having a massive makeover, I’m not sure what’s intended. I drove to the car park under the shopping mall and that was where I first felt odd. I wasn’t sure I was in the right lane to go through, all the road signs seemed contradictory. And when I finally moved on – actually, it wasn’t more than 10 seconds’ indecision – the lights must have changed since I’d gone through, because I was hooted at.

There are two parking levels underground and I found a space in the first. I successfully reverse-parked and noted the number of the aisle. I went to the Apple Store and discussed what model I might want with the assistant, but they have no stock of it at present, so we agreed I needed to order it online. I went to Boots and bought some hair accessories (all this masses of hair, sometimes I’ll need to tie it up), socks and tights, plus a sandwich for lunch. I successfully negotiated the self-checkout and returned to the car park.

I was bewildered that the numbers were not as I remembered them. Surely it was 8, not 18? Finally, I realised I must have gone down an extra escalator and went up a level. Yup. They now have ticketless car parking, if you want to use it. Touch your bank card on the pad as you enter and again as you leave. It took me a minute to discover that, on leaving, you touch it to find what you owe and again to actually pay, but I managed better than the driver of the car in the other lane. The attendant was coming out to help as I left.

I decided to go home on the back lanes and turned right at the traffic lights. Then I followed the car in front, almost into Sainsbury’s car park. By this time, I was so unnerved by my doolaliness that I stopped to do all the checks that I hadn’t had a stroke. I hadn’t. I counted backwards from 100 in 7s successfully, so I can’t put it down to incipient dementia. I guess it is a mixture of rarely coming into the city and stress making me slow and confused. I’ve been all right since I arrived home.

I’ve ordered my new phone and a case for it, though the case will arrive tomorrow and the phone will take a month, so sought-after is the iPhone 13 Pro. Yeah, I’ve indulged myself, and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t. My first iPhone was bought to console myself for needing a replacement hip at a relatively young age. My present phone is 5 years old and still very good, but the battery is failing at last and I’d rather give myself a lovely present than dully replace the battery.

Many thanks to lovely blog friends who’ve been so thoughtful. You made me cry, in a good way. Our community is still there, if numbers are depleted nowadays.

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  1. allotmentqueen

    Oh Zoe! You must be commended for reverse parking. It’s useful to take a picture on your phone of where your car is. Being able to negotiate a new parking exit strategy is to be thoroughly commended. This also means you are still fully compos mentis. And why not have a present of a new phone?

    I spoke today to someone whose wife died from cancer 6 months ago. They were in their 70s. He told me they’d been together since they were 18. I’ve never seen him when he didn’t mention his wife’s name (usually there was quite a long anecdote). We agreed there was really nothing I could say that would make it any better. I’m so sorry, my love, but we are all thinking of you, and wishing it could be something better. xxx

  2. Blue Witch

    I’m amazed at all you are (successfully) doing at the present time.

    I think that when you (one) lose someone unexpectedly you are bound to worry about every symptom that you have that might be linked to your own unexpected demise. But, anyone who thinks they can manage a new complicated phone is unlikely to have cognitive issues!

    I don’t like the idea of ticketless parking that involves bank cards. Far too open to error/fraud etc etc.

    Good idea from AQ about taking a photo of where one parks. I used to do that, but had fallen out of the habit as I rarely go out, unless I have to (as recently).

  3. Z Post author

    A photo wouldn’t have helped in this instance, it was just absent-mindedness. I knew where the car was parked, just went down an extra level. Since there are only two, this really was pretty stupid. But yes, that is good advice.

    It’s another iPhone. It will be easy. There will be some new features but they just add on to everything that’s already there.

  4. Scarlet

    I was looking at my iPad pro properly the other day – so many aspects of it that I don’t use, but I still love it – and it was my treat last year for getting through 2019. I have been looking at the new iPhones, BUT, my current phone is fine, BUT….


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