Z is obliged to relax, out of the heat

I had so much planned, but it was too hot. I simply couldn’t go out cutting ragwort in an open field in the heat of the day. Also, the cattle were on that field all day and I didn’t want a group of bullocks taking too much interest in me on top of the rest. So either I get up really early tomorrow, which will only happen if I chance to be awake, or else I’ll have to deal with the plants seeding, which is a daunting prospect but one I’ll cope with.

I’ve shown Wink the ropes. I trimmed the nettles away from where she needs to walk and explained about the personalities and preferences of each barn cat. Her eyes glazed over. Still, the worst that can happen is that they miss me dreadfully and the best is that she took it so on board that they don’t care if I ever come back again. Mother cat is really affectionate, just like she used to be before she buggered off for four years. She’s desperate to be a pet and I would welcome her, dear little girl, if Eloise cat would allow it. She won’t. That’s that.

I’ve also put all the house plants into the porch, for ease of watering. I know that what’s normal for me is quite a lot for anyone else to be presented with at short notice. it’s just what you’re used to.

The next few days are promised to be seriously hot. So early starts, for maximum lounging at the end of the journey.

2 comments on “Z is obliged to relax, out of the heat

  1. Blue Witch

    For an original dog person, those cats have certainly got you as a slave mightily quickly!

    If Wink reads this, don’t worry Wink, cats can survive, nay flourish, without such pampering 😉

    Hope you’ve had good journeys, Z, and will be able to relax in Wales at the end of them.

  2. Z Post author

    Bear in mind that I was brought up to know that the dogs came first. I was appreciably down the list. As far as the cats are concerned, I don’t put myself out. I know what their preferences are and it is a pleasure to please the fussy ones.

    Thank you, hold up on the M25 but that’s not unusual and we’ve relaxed since. Day off tomorrow, birthday bash in the evening and another long drive on Tuesday.


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