Z is happy

We had a fairly quiet couple of days to start with. I didn’t feel jetlagged as such, but woke early. I’ve been sleeping really well, on the whole.

I must try to write up the whole trip with photos, it’s a faff on the phone though. But just a quick update.

I spent an afternoon with Sheila, my old friend who stayed with us several times over the year. She’s now 92 and hasn’t visited Britain for a long time.

we’ve visited Savannah, which is beautiful. We stayed at R’s house in Statesboro for a few nights and we’re now returning to Smyrna via Athens, where I was lucky enough to meet my blogfriend of many years, DB. She blogs as Hey Bartender, though that isn’t her job now. I’ve had such a great day.

I’ve also spoken on the phone to Guyana Gyal, who now lives in Florida. DB’s parents also live there and I’m already planning future visits to the States. I have so many people to visit and places to see.

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