Z grinds her teeth

My jaw aches.  I don’t see any question of not clenching my teeth in the next week at least, though.  Having spoken to the assessor who’s going to the flat next Thursday, I expected an email of confirmation, since he said he was going to send it.  It didn’t arrive, but the next day I had a letter from the firm (which didn’t mention the appointment and was presumably sent it before he rang me) and today, I tried to log in to the page they’ve apparently set up for my case on their website.  The log-in doesn’t work.  Use my email address, they said and gave me a password to use the first time, which i could then change.

However, my name was misspelt on their letter and Nick the assessor had addressed me by the wrong name too, until I told him what it should be – and said that he should check the email address accordingly.  So I tried using their spelling as my email – I had quite a number of attempts.  There is an alternative, which is to use my policy number, of which they helpfully gave the last four digits.  Sadly, they don’t correspond to anything.  Neither insurance policy number, nor the claim number.  So I’m going to have to phone in the morning and I really do feel I’ve spent enough time on the phone (which is a medium I dislike using anyway) already.

Tim is kindly going to cook dinner.  Left to myself, I wouldn’t bother and would just go to bed.

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  1. Beryl Ament

    Having read about your chickens on Facebook, I can only say it never rains but it pours. I am going through a little bit of it now, as are a couple of family members, and am working on the one day at a time theory.


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