Z feathers Wink’s nest

A week on from his first vaccination, Tim has had no side effects at all, not even tenderness where the needle went in. Eleven weeks until his second, which will probably be about the time I get my first dose. Ho hum. I suppose I should start getting the greenhouse ready for seed sowing, in case we’re stuck here for months.

On an entirely different subject, being reminded because I helped Wink change the bedclothes today, I can recommend a duvet under the bottom sheet if you have aches and pains. I discovered this 37 years ago when, pregnant with Ro, I had bad backache. A decade later, I suggested it to my mother when she was laid up for a week or two – and then I completely forgot about it until Wink mentioned she was waking up uncomfortable in bed, a week or two before her op. It sprang back into my mind, I went and found a single duvet and cover and made the bed with it in place. She says it feels lovely and that’s what I remember – like a feather bed but firm underneath, so you’re supported.

Nothing else, darlings, It’s quite hard to think of things to blog about when nothing is happening (the carpet has dried out nicely, by the way) and I haven’t done any drawing today because I’ve been cooking and lazing.

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    1. Z Post author

      It made such a difference when i had backache – I hadn’t put my back out, it might not have been firm enough then. But the extra comfort underneath was wonderful.


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