Z fails to draw part 9. Z draws

I used the graphite stick for the first time, to prepare the paper. And drew crosshairs and a border and then I looked at the drawing of my hand that I’d done on the glass picture plane and – well, I didn’t know where to start. I looked at my hand and at the paper and wondered where to make the first mark. The idea was to do a light pencil sketch, then place my hand in the same position and draw it, using the sketch as a guide.

Betty said that she had tried teaching with the use of gridlines but found that too many of her students counted them and used them too precisely and just two lines is quite enough. I’d have preferred a couple more lines each way, I was confounded. But – just do it and it’s not a competition. So I had a go. And when I had done the sketch and carefully positioned my hand and had to draw that, I enjoyed that part of it. It’s so interesting.

I found the middle finger very hard, it was bent slightly towards me but not enough to really distinguish that. The thumb is too narrow and there’s a whole lot else wrong. Objectively speaking, it is not at all good. But in terms of achievement, it’s something I’m proud to have done. I tried, I didn’t stop until I’d done it and it’s actually the best drawing I’ve ever done. There was, of course virtually no competition there.

I didn’t rub out the crosshairs and I found trying to add light and shade was rather beyond me, for a first attempt. I did at least know what I wanted to achieve and how it should go in theory, I would have wrecked the drawing entirely if I’d tried. Here it is.

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  1. Z Post author

    I’m looking again and I don’t think the thumb is too thin after all. Except at the end where it joins the wrist, I’m very happy with the thumb. The forefinger, on the other hand, is too fat. But it’s a decent first attempt from someone who was, a few days ago, clueless. I’m pleased with myself.


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