Z fails to draw – part 5. Z really fails to draw

I’ve admitted defeat today. Another upside-down drawing, this time of Spider-Man, crouched, from above. It’s not easy to disengage from the fact I’m drawing a figure, it’s extremely intricate, which should be good but I found it both too hard and very boring. After doing the head, one shoulder and arm and coming back up to start on the curve of the back, I looked at it and it just isn’t working, nor could I see how to do it better except by starting again. I looked at the alternative suggested upside-down drawing, which is a man in armour holding an upright lance, riding a horse. That looks intricate but not boring, so I’ll have a go tomorrow.
Looking for a positive out of this, I glanced at my watch before starting and when I gave up, and I’d been a quarter of an hour. If asked, I’d have thought half that. So I was concentrating enough to lose track of time. Slightly desperate to find something good about the drawing, his head is a pretty decent oval. I think I needed some sort of a grid, if I were to keep parts of the body in proportion. I don’t know how to do that.
The other excuse I’ll give myself is that I’ve got quite a lot on my mind and I only had a spare hour. I realise it would take me far longer to do such a complicated drawing. I am sorry to have given up, but it wasn’t actually sensible to have started. It’s okay to fail as long as you learn something from that.
I’m trying to evaluate how I react, it’s not really that I’m being negative. Dispassionate, rather. I am going to have to work harder and practise more if I’m going to get far with this and this won’t happen for a few days. I’m wondering if I should try easier pictures to copy for a few days before tackling the next stage, to trick myself into a sense of achievement.

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