Z eyes her waistline

It occurred to me today that, once all *this* has passed over and we start to return to our former lives – assuming that does happen – we will have a lot of eating out to do. For a start, there’s lovely Old Hall Farm, from where we have been getting our Friday night takeaways and our occasional shopping for meat, yeast and flour. We can’t neglect their normal restaurant. There are also other local places that have had to close for the duration, but which we will want to show support. In addition, the food shops that have looked after us so wonderfully for the past three months must not be neglected, so eating in will have to happen too.

We lit a fire this evening. Just a few sticks and logs, but it has cheered the room. It was very chilly today with a driving wind and sudden rain squalls, and I was glad i hadn’t moved Scrabble and her brood into a more exposed coop. As it was, I draped an old sheet across the corner of the coop they’re in, as a windbreak. All were tucked underneath her this evening, so I just topped up food and water and didn’t investigate. I’ll measure up in the next day or so, to see if it might be possible to move that coop into a more suitable place and avoid having to catch and upset them all.

We had, probably, our last family Zoom chat this afternoon. The likelihood is that everyone will have seen everyone else in the next week or so, except Wink who is coming up on the 21st. She will be based in the annexe so will still be living at a legal distance, assuming rules haven’t changed markedly by then. That government members don’t think any sort of rules, laws or sensible advice applies to them does not mean that we’re as unwise as they are.

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    1. Z Post author

      It’ll be great. Though it has been lovely to have Rose here too, but now she’s moving on, this will tick all the boxes.


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