Z cracks. Or anyway, a window does

I must get back to the art stuff, because there’s nothing much happening here. If I’m bored, I’m also boring and I can only apologise.

A few weeks ago, Wince was trimming weeds in the front garden and a stone must have flown up, because I noticed the next day that there was a neat hole in the window. I thought it was an air rifle at first, until I realised the more likely situation. I haven’t told Wince, he’d be upset. And I didn’t do anything about it apart from wondering if a windscreen repair kit would work, until we had a frost and the hole was joined by a crack. Then, the other day, another queen wasp was buzzing round, so we opened the window to let her out. Yeah, a mistake. I should have caught her instead. Shutting the window caused yet another crack, so I finally got onto Terry The Builder. He called round to measure up and will do the repair soon.

That counts for excitement this week. I know, darlings, I know. I’ll enthuse about my favourite museum tomorrow, unless anything urgent crops up.

2 comments on “Z cracks. Or anyway, a window does

  1. Scarlet

    More exciting than my week! But I don’t like the Queen wasps – I believe they come in with the firewood – so I inspect every piece of wood before bringing it in, or I put it in the conservatory for a 2 week quarantine!

    1. Z Post author

      I must deal with the nest in the attic at some time. We’ve had three queen wasps this autumn, one of which was in the firewood pile and stung Tim. I don’t know where the latest one came from, though.


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