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Oh dear lord. Mac has a new update called … wait for it … Big Sur. Whoever thought that was a good name needs a long bath and another good think. But whatever. The good thing about Apple is that all system upgrades are seamless. You don’t suddenly have a whole new setup to get used to. But this one wasn’t effortless because it didn’t just get on with it.

Last night, it told me that there was an upgrade. Okay, fine, download it. I went away. Later, I wanted to use the computer but the download had to be installed. I’ve had that nonsense before, so I did what I wanted before installing it. This morning, I had to reinsert my password to actually install the upgrade that, surely, they could have asked me to authorise before I even downloaded it. Fine. FINE.

Went back later. Oh, can’t do it because something needs to quit first. Why not before I started? Carry on. Quit it.

It did this three more times. I have never had such a silly malarkey before in the thirty years I’ve had Macs. Next time, I must remember to quit everything before even starting, but even so, how silly. I wonder if there’s a feedback form?

Anyway, darlings, nothing will dent my happy mood. We have had no post for over a week. I think that most of the posties have had to take time off because someone tested positive and the rest of them who’ve had contact are obliged to isolate. Add that to road blockages at the start of last week because of the snow and there’s a massive backlog. This would not have been permitted legally before privatisation but rules have changed – laws have changed – to allow later deliveries and non-deliveries. Never mind. Though Valentine cards have not been delivered, so I’m sure emotional meltdowns have happened. Not to me, however. Anyway, I did hope for post this morning, because I was quite sure I would receive an invitation to book a Covid vaccination. I didn’t get a letter but I did get a text and I was offered 5pm tomorrow or any time the next day. I’ve booked tomorrow. Tim’s first vaccination was three weeks ago, so whatever immunity it gives has officially kicked in, not that it makes any difference to our lifestyle. All the same, it feels better.

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  1. Allotmentqueen

    We got a letter each on Saturday but wanted to wait for our GP’s surgery as we didn’t want to join the riff-raff at Ashton Gate Football Stadium (serving south Bristol and north Somerset) to which we would have had to drive but would rather go to Gloucester County Cricket Ground which is where our GPs ran the flu clinics, and which we could walk to. Not that we’re snobs, sports-wise or anything. Anyway got back from the allotment this afternoon to get a phone call offering us Wednesday afternoon. So all good. Elder son had his on Saturday morning.

    1. Z Post author

      I’m not sure if the local surgery is doing them yet, but this is the group of surgeries’ central point, which is in Southwold, half an hour away. They want people who can drive to accept those, for the sake of those who can’t, which is fine with me. I will have a ride in the car, which is as exciting for me as it is for a dog, I find.


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