Z beats the crowds

Wink and I decided to go vegetable shopping together yesterday, so that we could share a stick of brussels sprouts, for instance. In the event, i bought a lot more than she did for myself, mainly because I bought fruit but also because I get very excited in a greengrocery and want to buy all the pretty, tasty things. She got out her card before I did, so she paid for it all, which I’d be embarrassed by if it were anyone else, but the two of us are not bothered about that sort of thing.

All we needed today was her hairdressing appointment and my meat order. She had offered to pick up the meat after having her hair cut, but it occurred to us that parking might be a problem, so I suggested that I drop her off and fetch her back later. On the way in, we saw huge queues outside the greengrocer and deli, so felt mightily smug that we’d gone in the previous day.

I meant to spend most of the day on housework, but it didn’t entirely work out, there were various distractions, phone calls and so on. I also did an elaborate arrangement of greenery for the mantelpiece, as I haven’t got a tree in the drawing room, only in the dining room. I was going to add candles, but the arrangement didn’t turn out long and low, as originally planned, so I’ve put a few decorations on.

It’s all a bit hard to cope with and I’m clamping down hard on emotions. But I did cry this afternoon, when a parcel arrived from Jarrolds, the lovely department store and bookshop in Norwich, which turned out to be a deli hamper from Tim’s brother, sister and nieces. It was Brother’s birthday, so I phoned him first – I’d been going to phone anyway, having forgotten to send a card. He said they so sympathise and appreciate me having to deal with Tim’s house and paperwork, which is thoughtful of them. I certainly felt that, in marrying Tim, I’d gained another whole family – two, in fact, because Tim’s sister-in-law from his previous marriage and her family are lovely too. We will all retain our friendship. I phoned everyone (this is quite a big thing for me, I rarely use the phone if I can help it), so at least my conscience over not sending cards to them has been calmed.

Ann Horner phoned yesterday, it was lovely to chat to her. Mike (The Armoury blog) isn’t too well now, sadly, and his memory isn’t what it was. He still has his personality and humour, though, she says. I’ve said I’ll go and visit when I’m back from America. I hope he remembers me, I’ll remind him about my Dutch wall clock that he got going a few years ago. I think he’ll remember that.

4 comments on “Z beats the crowds

  1. Scarlet

    I am pondering making phone calls today, I really should make them – but I’m like you in that respect. And I also need to do some housework.
    Have a peaceful Christmas, Z.

  2. Blue Witch

    I’ve seen queues too – but only in our drive, and only because the postie turned up at the same time as the food delivery and the Amazon delivery, closely folloed by the Hermes lady colelcting a return!

    Sorry to hear about Mike, and all good wishes to him and Ann from us.

    Season’s Greetings to you all!

  3. Z Post author

    No phone calls but all the housework. I even shampooed carpets.
    Actually, one phone call, but that was John Greenwood phoning me. He also chatted to Rose, who is staying overnight.

    Thank you for your card, Scarlet.

    And thank you too, BW and Glenda. Happy Christmas to you all.


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