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It’s been a busy few days, not least because LT was away and I had to fill in time with various domestic stuff.  And then last night I babysat for Ro and Dora, because I’d offered to pay for an evening out for each of my children, plus babysitting, for their birthday presents.  I thought that was quite a good idea, but Al and Weeza haven’t taken me up on it yet, after more than seven months, whereas Ro is the efficient one.

Young Rufus is getting very mobile and quite chatty.  Just individual words as yet, but then he’s only 16 months old.  Listening to his mother read a story book, he spotted some ducks on the page.  “Duck” he said.  She pointed to each of the three.  “Duck, duck, duck!” he added, to a meltdown of adoring granny.  And hearing him go into their bedroom this morning and greet his father “Hey-o” was even better.

Tonight, LT is home and I’ve taken the skin off the first of the new season’s bacon and rendered it into pork scratchings.  Son-in-law Phil has asked that we keep some for Sunday –  I dunno.  We’ll see.  The bacon itself will be sliced tomorrow morning.

As I was passing Waitrose on my way into Norwich this morning, I bought some of their de-alcohol-ised (is that a word?) wine, because I’m wanting to find something that goes with food and isn’t fruity or sweet,  So we’ll see.

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  1. Madeleine

    We stayed at The Castle when attending the blog parties, excellent food and good accommodation, no hesitation in returning if our relatives cannot accommodate us.

    1. Z Post author

      Haha, you may have found it! I’ve tried it, not very good. At least it isn’t sweet but it’s just grape juice. The hunt for a non- or low-alcohol drink continues.


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