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My sister Wink came up for the weekend and stayed one night with Weeza and one night here.  So she invited the whole family over, which turned out to be on the bank holiday Monday, and expanded somewhat as Roses and co came too, so did blogfriends Mike and Zoe, and so did Dora’s sister Roo, as both her daughter and her partner were away for the day.  So there were 21 of us all told, including the baby, and it was just as well that I’d planned a really straightforward lunch.  The forecast was good so I decided on a barbecue and even that was easy – drumsticks marinated and cooked in the Aga to be finished on the bbq and good old sausages and burgers, and a bit of salad but majoring on home-made pickles, and all was followed by some token fruit, plus ice creams, mostly Magnums.  Mainly because lovely son and son in law did the cooking, I was able to sit back and relax.  And some fairies did most of the washing up, so I had an easy time afterwards too.

Tonight, we had bloaters for dinner.  For the uninitiated, they are smoked herrings.  Kippers are too, but they’re split and gutted and smoked flat, but bloaters are smoked whole.  I’m quite sure that, when I was a child, my mother used to cook them whole and we dealt with the innards at the table, but I’ve never had the nerve and sort them out before cooking.  LT hadn’t eaten bloater before, they’re an east coast thing and he’s a southerner, a Dorset coast boy.

LT has bought a new laptop and it proved difficult to set up.  Every time he tried, it crashed or possibly froze, which is the same thing, in effect.  But after his bloater, he had another go and it finally set itself up.  Now he’s going to attempt to load all his files.  My computer was so easy.  Maybe it’s a Mac thing…

Tomorrow, our old blog friend and fellow Wall builder Dave is calling in for elevenses.  A thoroughly bloggy few days, which is all to the good.

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  1. Z Post author

    We were a small family, no close relations at all, so it’s marvellous that there are lots of us now, I love it. And Weeza’s house is big enough for family get-togethers too. The last time, at Rufus’s first birthday, was just a week before the Blog Party and the weather was similarly sunny – we’ve been lucky with summer parties this year!


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