Wonderful Wink

I’m starting to find some gumption again, on and off. Wink is now my official PA and will take over anything I’m struggling with and encourage me to do the things I must.

I think that I achieve quite a lot, in fact, but I only am aware of what I’m letting go. I’ve got a few more jobs for the weekend. I’ve emailed some friends who didn’t yet know about Tim and now I just have to see who sends a Christmas card to us both – some of the people on his card list aren’t ones I’ve met and I’m not sure if they will have heard. I think I’ve let all my friends know now.

My friends in Atlanta video called me for Thanksgiving. I badly want to go and visit them. Sheila is 92 now and very frail, I don’t want to leave it long. But now there’s this new variant and so I don’t know when it’ll be feasible. Fingers crossed that I can go in the spring and that she’s still in reasonable health. Wink is also anxious to visit her dear friend in Chennai, we just have to see what can be arranged. No point in travelling and then having to quarantine for weeks, because more than a fortnight away is not easy to manage.

Having turned out the study, I’m now sorting out paperwork. There is a lot of it, but much can be shredded and disposed of. Wink is being wonderful.

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