Wombling on….

Wimbledon was brilliant, we were lucky with our very exciting matches. The journey home was marred by road closures, so it took nearly an hour extra. But we got back safely and had stopped for a sandwich, so could go straight to bath and bed. I had an early meeting the next day, so rapidly washed my hair and was mildly taken aback to find it was still damp on my arrival. I decided that I’d brazen it out and everyone could assume it was my Look. I’m sure I got away with it and it doesn’t matter anyway – oh, the advantages in being old and not caring.

Blood donor appointment this afternoon, so I’ve taken it easy today. I get very tired afterwards otherwise. I cooked calamari, courgette, mushroom and a random fried potato, with a tomato salsa for dinner, so awfully healthy and so on. Polly bantam is still with us and eating well, but even more frail and her balance isn’t good. I’m going to see if I can come up with a better roosting place for her in the morning. Then out to fetch more china for auction, then my dear friend is calling round in the afternoon, it being his first visit from New Zealand for three or four years.

2 comments on “Wombling on….

  1. 63mago

    “Wombling” is a fine creation .

    I’d like to put a friendly smile here -, un-emojalistic, not prefab (fab ?), sorry.

    BTW [unrelated, and all], do you do “wordle” ?


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