When will we share…?

Not only am I pretending to draw and pretending to crochet, I’m learning to play bridge too. Turns out that Tim knows. I had no idea about the bidding. This two no trumps malarkey, I didn’t know that it starts above six and it actually means at least 8 tricks and there is no trump suit. I assumed you had to win two that weren’t trumps. Anyway. I also didn’t know that there’s always a dummy. Insert shrug emoji. Which I don’t know how to do.

The other thing that’s going to happen is that a friend will drop off some sourdough starter, obviously with all of us hiding indoors so there’s no accusation of mingling. Though I think we could go for a walk, just the two of us. Anyway, she’s given me some tips and I’ll have a go. I am desperate for entertainment, darlings. Not that Tim isn’t endless fun, but it’s hard to be on stage all the time and I sympathise with him.

January lasted at least three months, but it’s nearly halfway through February already. What’s that about? I know Feb is a short month, but even so, it’s peculiar. Chinese new year coming up. I’m sure we can invent something for dinner with a five spice theme.

Still, all is well at the Zedery. The chickens are reliably providing three eggs a day, which keeps us going nicely. We had soufflé for dinner tonight, which used two days worth.

Over dinner, we reminisced about New Years parties. I’m not at all sure that was wise. I miss people.

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