Wheels within wheels

To explain further from the previous post – there are two sets of wheels, one with summer tyres and one with winter. However, the car had its winter wheels on, then lockdown came in the spring and so Tim didn’t have them changed over. He’d been told that both sets of tyres would need to be changed before too long, the summer ones (kept at the garage in Reading) should be replaced before changeover.

So, when the car was due its MOT, he took it to the local tyre place near Yagnub (I’ve a feeling he might have had a puncture in one of them, in fact, but it’s a long time ago and I can’t remember). They said that they didn’t have winter ones and put on new summer ones, on the winter wheels. They explained that you can put summer tyres on winter wheels, but not winter tyres on summer wheels. So now the summer tyres need to be removed from the winter wheels and put on the summer wheels and new winter tyres have to be put on the winter wheels.

Now you appreciate why I didn’t explain in full in the first place. Though it does occur to me that it’s quite possible that the tyres on the car now are all-year-round ones and it may not matter too much. I will ask.

I’m glad that I’ve had company for the last couple of days, I’d have found it hard to be alone over the three-month anniversary of Tim’s death. As it was, I was aware of my last chat with him and awake most of the night, during the time when he woke gasping for breath and didn’t recover. But I’ve focussed on friends. The balance between running away from thoughts and not facing them, and wallowing too much on introspection is a matter for debate, perhaps, but not resolution.

Anyway, a note of praise for blog friends. John G on Saturday and Mig (and Barney) today. They’ve kept me going and given me love and friendship. And tomorrow, a good friend of Tim’s and now of mine is going to help me out. First by picking me up from the garage (not the garage that holds the wheels) where the car will be serviced, then by helping me with turning out here. Onwards, darlings, if not upwards.

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  1. Blue Witch

    Goodness, that’s complicated! But everything is these days, isn’t it?

    You probably already know, but every tyre has its specifications and make on its side. If you know the codes, you can also tell when it was manufactured. If you put results into a search engine, it will tell you all you need to know about the tyre’s properties and performance capabilities.

    I am heartened that you have lovely people around you to support and assist.


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