Watching online presentations counts as work. Innit.

No drawing today, I couldn’t find anything. I really disliked doing the chair drawing, which was the reason I tried the photo of Eloise. I did manage a decent drawing of a stool on the glass, but I was so bored by it that I couldn’t be bothered to try to transfer it to paper. I think that it’s a combination of straight lines and symmetrical curves, neither of which I’m able to do and don’t care about. I’ve been looking about for something else that would encourage me with the negative space thing and not be off-putting and I haven’t come up with it yet. I’m fighting myself and this is silly. Never mind.

Good news of the day is that my sister has got a booking to be vaccinated on Saturday. I’ll be a while yet for me, there’s a gap between over-seventies and under-seventies. But it was only nine days ago that she registered with the practice here so this is pretty efficient.

The Head at the high school has been appointed CEO – overall Head – at our fairly new Multi-Academy Trust from September, so Yagnub needs a new Headteacher. Three candidates are shortlisted and they were each giving a ten minute presentation online today. That must have been so difficult, knowing that dozens of people – staff members and governors – were watching, but were silent and invisible. There was a feedback form and I filled it in and sent it. Good wishes to all of them – I did have a 1-3 list and comments and I’ll be interested to find out the result in a week or so, when interviews have been completed. I’m not interviewing so I have no more input, which is a good thing. I’ve let go of stuff like that.

3 comments on “Watching online presentations counts as work. Innit.

  1. Kestrel

    Eloise has amazing colours and strips – the real Eloise i mean! Have not seen such a unique pattern and colour combination on cats here. We won’t get our vaccines till mid 2021 I think, so I am still practising social distancing. Presentations are not my liking either. Forget my words, my voice goes one pitch higher and my hands are everywhere.

  2. Z Post author

    Kestrel, her mother is a stripey orange Ragdoll. I don’t know what her father is, perhaps a tabby. I think that most tortoiseshells are female. I used to hate giving any sort of speech or presentation until I had to do it regularly and I found I didn’t mind after all. The most daunting was when I was asked to deliver someone’s Powerpoint, which I hadn’t had a chance to look at. I knew I’d have to wing it – but then the memory stick wouldn’t work on the laptop at the venue and I had to do the whole thing impromptu. To about 250 people. I still don’t know what the Powerpoint would have said, I just talked about the subject as I knew it – it was about schools collaborating.

    Possibly, Scarlet, I have never tried calligraphy. I used to be able to manage quite nice handwriting (though everyday writing was a scrawl) in the days when I did a lot of writing!


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