Vines. Not vomen or songs, though

I went to the gardening club last night – LT didn’t join me as he was washing his hair – and the local winemaker chap was giving the talk. He has done seriously well in the three and a bit years they’ve been operational, and has got a great reputation in the English wine world. He now has 42,000 vines to look after, which is a daunting amount of work. He described the year’s work in caring for them, which made me realise I don’t look after my indoor vine properly at all. I’ve wanted an outdoor vine for several years and I think I might succumb any minute.

It was a very enjoyably sociable evening, and I even won a raffle prize – a set of three pairs of gardening gloves, which I chose over the aloe vera and the chocolates – actually, they were very nice chocolates but we still have some left from Christmas and I was being high-minded.

We went to a Nadfas lecture today about sculpture in the landscape, which made us both want to visit some of the parks and so on – we are very likely to make it down to Cornwall this year, we reckon, to go to St Ives and see Barbara Hepworth’s garden and its sculptures. I’ve been there before, about ten years ago, and Tim hasn’t, though he knows parts of Cornwall much better than I do. We also want to revisit our childhood stamping grounds; though I have to admit I hardly remember living in Weymouth and Tim has very fond memories of the 50s and 60s in Bournemouth. My sister doesn’t yet know it, but we’re planning to use her house as a base…

Oh, and I picked up my seed order. So I’m completely happy now.

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  1. allotmentqueen

    I can recommend the New Art Centre at Roche Court near Salisbury (which I think is near where your sister lives). They have a lot of Hepworths there. We did some work for an exhibition for them about five years ago and were able to look round. I seem to remember some figures looking at each other across a ravine amongst the ivy, etc, and there are some wonderful ploughed fields that some of the other figures look out over. There were lots of different styles there.


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