Too many platforms

I charged up Tim’s phone a week or so ago and replied to one of the messages, from someone who’d been researching into 60s bands. With some help from Tim himself, he’d put together a list of all the bands’ gigs back in the days that they were touring, before they left for Italy. I knew of this list because Mike, aka Troubled Diva, had sent it to me, but not Tim’s involvement.

There was another message, from someone who’d bought Tim’s book and wanted him to autograph it. Which Tim would have been thrilled to do, first time he’d been asked for an autograph in over 50 years! But there are so many ways of communicating nowadays and I didn’t reply at the time and now I can’t find it. I’ve checked messages (unlikely as he’d have needed Tim’s mobile number), email and Facebook messenger and it’s not there. But I know I’ve read that message and I need to reply.

I meant to spend the weekend writing Christmas cards. I haven’t.

5 comments on “Too many platforms

  1. 63mago

    It’s a pity with that message. Facebook, twitter, instagram, maybe the website of the publisher/printer of Tim’s book, Tim’s website of course – if you forget about it, you will remember.


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