That’s another story

I seem to be a day behind all the time, but never mind.

I filled the car with Stuff from the London flat. There’s a small store room/meter cupboard, which the new tenant wanted to put things in. I have made it clear that it isn’t really suitable for anything that matters – it’s under the pavement and a bit clammy, but she’s welcome to use it if she likes. When I had a new extractor hood fitted, the electrician didn’t remove the old one, annoyingly – he could have charged me for disposal, but he just left it, with the packaging, in the kitchen. So kind neighbours moved it into the cupboard and I went down to take it, and other rubbish, away.

So I checked on the council website and I didn’t have to make an appointment at the tip – ahem – ‘recycling centre.’ Off I went yesterday, wishing when I thought of it that I’d brought rubber gloves. Anyway, the men there are really lovely. They aren’t officially helping unload, but they did and they directed me when i wasn’t sure what bin to put anything in. Afterwards, it being nearly as far as the A11, that was the quickest way into Norwich, so I drove to John Lewis and was helped considerably by an assistant who really knew his stuff, because I also had discovered that the fridge needed to be replaced.

The tax man pays me, nowadays.

I also bought a new vacuum cleaner for Tim’s house. He has gone through two Dysons and my Sebo still works, in the same period of 30-something years. I wouldn’t have a Dyson, they are not good value.

Having finished this business, I remembered a cheque I’ve had for some time, that had to be paid in at the bank rather than online. So off I trotted to the city centre. Then I thought I might get a few new potatoes from the market. I told the market holder just what I thought of him. His produce was just too damn tempting. I bought the spuds and rather a lot else and spent £28. It was fabulous and most of it was from Norfolk, except for the Kentish cherries and the artichokes from I’m not sure where. He and the other assistant and I ended up with quite a humorous rapport and, along with my last visit to the market and the Tombland walk last week, I have rediscovered my love for Norwich.

I’d bought some fabulous sea trout from Paul the fish and, with it, we had fresh peas, asparagus tips and new potatoes. The first course was artichoke and they were the best I’d eaten since I grew them myself. And we finished with a few Norfolk raspberries.

Today, to come back up to date, Wink has arrived home, so we had Cromer (Norfolk) crab for dinner. Eloise cat was thrilled. I’ve started cooking for the blog party, having made two dozen tiny bread rolls to go with the veggie burgers that Fiona is bringing. The rolls are in the freezer. I have made a list of food. Everyone is catered for, whether vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low carb, gluten free, carnivore, omnivore, teetotal, chocoholic or, I trust, anything else.

4 comments on “That’s another story

  1. Blue Witch

    Could we have a food parcel to eat at the same time as you all eat, please? 😉

    Sad to miss seeing everyone again, but we have an insecure house that cannot be left alone while the builders are here.

    1. Z Post author

      I knew you wouldn’t be able to come this year, far too much already on your plate. I’ll miss you both, though.


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