The day filled up. I went to Norwich and got the copying and signing done at the bank, then I went along to the lovely little tea and coffee shop – they sell the actual tealeaves and coffee beans, you don’t have a cuppa there – and stocked up.

I love Norwich so much. I went the long way through the lanes, just for the pleasure of it. The main streets are full of the usual chain stores, no one else can afford the rents any more, but there are a lot of little independent shops within a couple of minutes’ walk. There are lovely old buildings, lots of mediaeval churches, it’s worth taking your time. No doolaliness about going the wrong way this time, though roadworks meant a diversion, so I went a long way round towards Ronan’s house. I’d bought him some teas too, particularly Earl Grey fumé, which is a delicious cross between EG and Lapsang Souchong.

On the way home, I stopped in Yagnub to get a new watch battery from Andrew at the little shop that sells everything. It’s called the Chocolate Box and does sell sweets, but also stationery and all sorts of things. He and Angela are always so cheerful, it’s a pleasure to go there. Andrew found that the watch wasn’t willing to keep going, it took him ages to persuade it, but it worked in the end and I asked him to fit a new strap as well. And bought a quarter of aniseed balls, which I hope are in my bag, because I only just remembered them.

I went to the greengrocer, bought some tomatoes for Jan and various fruits and vegges for me – melon followed by corn on the cob for dinner; I’ve been cracking walnuts as an aperitif. Then I scurried home for lunch and, having a couple of minutes spare, replied to the text I’d had from the GP surgery asking me to book a flu vaccination (I have a rooted objection to the word ‘jab’ which, surely, deters some waverers). “We’ve got a space at 15.21,” said the receptionist, so I took it.

All worked out well. I spent an hour or so with Jan, had my flu preventative (it’s not a vaccination I’m convinced about, but I’m not going to be associated with the more extreme anti-vaxxers) and came home. The cat sat on me for over an hour and a half. She had no intention of letting me go.

I’ve got a load more mail about Tim’s affairs and it has to be dealt with. But I really think I have to prioritise the auction for the next few days, so anything else will just get fitted in or left for a week or so.

An hour after Andrew put in the new battery, the watch stopped working again. I fiddled with it for ages and decided I’d wear Tim’s watch, which is far too big for my little wrist. So I put mine on to help keep Tim’s in place. Half an hour later, I looked at them both and found that mine has started and is keeping time with his. I’m charmed. I love it when inanimate objects appear to respond. Tim bought me my watch for Christmas six years ago and I bought his for his birthday the year afterwards. I do actually like wearing his watch, but I don’t want to stop wearing mine. Two on one wrist seems a bit much. One on each wrist looks just plain anxious.

3 comments on “Synchronicity

  1. 63mago

    It is very nice to learn that your visit to Norwich went well, it seems that you could enjoy it. I think you are absolutely right to have a flu “fix” – I had mine some days ago, I fear that the coming winter will bring a lot of this illness, real influenza. i think there are all ingredients for a seriously demanding situation after all.
    I would like to say something about the watches, sorry – but es freut mich von ganzem Herzen, daß Du Tims Uhr trägst.
    Regarding the respondence of inanimate objects – maybe we just want to see signs, signa (no need to get all semiotic here), but maybe there is a small possibility left that “the spirit” does rule over “materia” … I have no idea whether that means anything at all, but I find it comforting.
    It totally escaped me that you have an auction within the next coming days (I remember some discussion about making the catalogue) – will you give a link, or show an object or two ? Who took the photographs this time ? Sorry, I may be too curious.

  2. Z Post author

    I try to look for things that give me pleasure, I’ve done that for at least 15 years. Something I can consciously enjoy each day, even if it’s just a snatch of birdsong or something. It’s pathetic really, but it’s better than wandering around dully.
    I don’t really think it’s some sort of spiritual thing, though it would be nice to believe it, I think that the battery of Tim’s watch just gave an extra spark to the one in mine. It’s still going, behaving perfectly.


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