Sunday at the Zedery

I took Al and family out to lunch today. How lazy of me not to cook and how I don’t care. The nearby farm with shop and restaurant does very good Sunday lunch and we went there. With Wink, of course. Then we all came back here, mostly so that Pugsley could have his choice of Tim’s electric guitars. Young Pugs, who’s now 15, is a very good guitar player and Tim was impressed by him. He’s just passed his Grade 7 exam and is about to take Grade 1 on the piano. He tried them and chose the Gibson. Tim would be really pleased. The others are spoken for – a friend would like one, I want to keep one and Ro would love to have Tim’s bass. So it’s been a good day.

I’ve felt melancholy this evening, all the same. But that’s bound to happen. So I played a DVD of Peter Grimes, filmed on Aldeburgh beach in June 2013.

I wish I’d gone to the performance, but I couldn’t quite face it. I’d have been on my own, sitting on a shingle beach on a chilly June night, paying some £65 for the privilege. I went to one of the concert hall performances instead, which was wonderful, and the recording made that night is the soundtrack on the DVD. Absolutely magical. I must have written about it, I’ll look.

Yes, here it is. I even managed a pun in the title of the post.

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