Poor internet

I found where im supposed to be able to control the rear doors but it doesn’t work as described. Tedious as it is, I will have to go to the garage.

i have been mostly dealing with paperwork and that has been as much as i can cope with. At present, I’m in Reading and the internet connection is so poor that im using data rather than wifi and i apologise that capitals etc are not kicking in.
It’s only a month or so since I was last here, but it is both home and not home. I am stepping back deliberately, though not happily. all the same, i choose something to be cheerful about every day and there is always something.

1 Spring. nuff said, it speaks for its beautiful self

2 Helpfulness and kindness. I have made phone calls and visited businesses and have been helped, over and above strict duty. I warmly appreciate this.

3 Friendship. always.

4 Family, of course. im being general because blogging on the phone is an absokute bugger and u am strughling, as this unedited sentence shows.

I will be home in a couple of days and promise a coherent post then.

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