Pillock blames Z

Pillock wasn’t willing to be picked up but he didn’t protest when I cornered him. It’s a lovely run, he has fresh grass and is protected from the wind, but he’s quite anxious. I haven’t caught pullets to go in with him yet, which is my fault entirely. I can catch them when they’re happily eating treats, but that seems to be mean and taking advantage. I’m convincing myself – or nearly, anyway – that it’ll be good if Wink can choose the bantams she wants, when she gets home next week. There are a few who spend a lot of time sitting and they would be easy to catch, but that seems mean too. I’d be useless as a farmer.

I was given a good supply of wild garlic today, so I’ve made pesto – of course I have the other ingredients in stock because this is me. Three batches are in the freezer, a half batch went into tonight’s dinner and there is still a handful of leaves left for part of another meal or two. I don’t happen to have wild garlic in the garden, which is a pity. In my newsletter from the Drainage Board, I was asked to notify them if I have Himalayan Balsam along the river – I know it’s a nuisance, but it’s so pretty and I’m fond of it. All the same, if I find some, I’ll pull it out. It’s easy to destroy but the seeds do spread widely, I recognise that it’s a problem. And I can legally pick wild garlic as long as I don’t destroy the plant, but I may not dig up a patch of it, even if it’s to enable it to spread on my undisturbed land. Ho hum. I do appreciate the careful balance that the environment people have to manage.

It’s been a busy week. I’m tired and I should read, listen to music, watch casual television and have an early night. I’ll spend the evening simply missing Tim, though, whatever else I do. Eh. Deleted the next two sentences. This is a good space, not a sad one.

3 comments on “Pillock blames Z

  1. 63mago

    I am still getting my head around the problem of catching chickens the non mean way. Ropes & bolas will not do it I guess. Maybe throwing a veil over them ? As you see, I have no idea about any form of “hunting”.

    1. Z Post author

      I will wait until they’re eating a treat, then gently pick them up. Or otherwise, wait until they’ve gone to roost and gently pick them up. It’s still frightening for them, but not quite like ropes and bolas!


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