November is going to be a long and quiet month at the Zedery

I’m so glad we managed to see all the family over half term, as there’s no question of meeting this month. Some juggling had to be involved, but everyone saw everyone else at some time. How very lucky we all are to be good and loving friends, which isn’t the case in every family.

I remember, when Al and Dilly, Weeza and Phil, and Ronan (please excuse the questionable comma but it seemed to be appropriate) all got on so well together and I wondered about a future partner for Ro. It was quite a lot to ask, that she would fit in and not feel an outsider. But that hasn’t been the case. Dora has four siblings and cherishes family life and she immediately became part of the family without anyone thinking anything about it.

I don’t suppose the whole lot of us, 16 including Wink, will get together for a long time. But we’ll do what we can. I am going to have a flying visit to Wink while I can, because she needs some help with packing up and her hip is very painful now. She had to postpone the removal firm until December, because she couldn’t get ready.

The good thing for me is that my hairdresser phoned this afternoon, offering me an appointment for tomorrow, as they’ll be closed from Thursday. I love having longer hair but I realise that it’s getting out of hand. And having it tied back or put up doesn’t honestly suit me any more. I don’t have the cheekbones for it. So I’ll tell her to do what she likes, but not to cut it shorter than she can help. I’ll miss my lovely hair though, it feels so soft on my face and neck.

3 comments on “November is going to be a long and quiet month at the Zedery

  1. Blue Witch

    Great service from your hairdresser!

    Good planning that you all managed to get together. I think we all knew what was coming. So why are the shops being beseiged again? People have had weeks to plan ahead and stock up, surely?

  2. Kestrel

    Family is so important and keeping in touch sometimes is tough with everyone living their own lives. Glad to read you managed so well in spite of the pandemic, Hope you get a hair style that you like. We have issues here with hair dressers during the partial lock down. Sixty years and above have to leave the salon by 11 am!! Before the crowds come in since 60s is the susceptible group for Covid. The salons open earlier with appointments starting at 9.30am for this group

  3. Z Post author

    Food shops are open anyway and, it seems, most shops have managed to find that they are selling something essential. Chocolate counts this time, for instance.

    I can’t tell what hairstyle suits me any more, Kestrel, but I still like the feel of hair by my face. It is a bit shorter than it was, though. I’ve got a provisional appointment for the week before Christmas, if that’s on the approved list by then.


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