Moving in

Today was Wink’s official moving day. Her furniture arrived on Monday, so I was able to arrange essential rooms, but there’s one room and the hall that are crammed with boxes and as-yet unallocated furniture.
She had a difficult journey, there had been a fatal accident on the M3 and there was a long delay. She should have missed it but there was a missing key because a kind neighbour packed it by mistake. Behind her now, all sorted, but Wink is tired and has gone to bed early.
Back here, I found the young cockerel and a hen that I hadn’t realised had got out. I tried distracting the indoor chickens with treats, only to find a lineup of cats putting the two remainers off approaching the doors. In short, I let all the chooks out for the day, shut them up late and I hope they are all in for good.
I’ve had a few problems with broadband for a couple of days. Slow and erratic and the hub has cut out and restarted several times. So I contacted BT this morning; while I was still in bed as it happened and it’s been sorted out by text. Oh joy. In fact, it couldn’t be repaired remotely and an engineer is coming out in the morning. But it’s so easy when it’s efficiently done – I’d expect a company whose core business is internet to have a good system – with no hanging on the line while the Four Seasons is playing – and I did speak to a real person in the end, to sign up for fibre broadband.
So all is good here and it’s a new phase of our journey at the Zedary.

2 comments on “Moving in

  1. savannah49

    How exciting for all y’all! All of our stuff is still in storage thanks to the pandemic and elder lockdown! We’re still at our son’s house, so I’m not going to complain. I do wish I’d marked our boxes a bit more clearly. Cheers to you and Wink! xoxo

    1. Z Post author

      It’s been quite a challenge for you, a lot of adjustments! I know just what you mean about boxes, you think you’ll magically know what’s in them but you can’t keep track. It will get sorted out in the end, hope it won’t take too much longer xoxox


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