More pictures from Georgia

I’ve managed to get all the pictures mixed up, but the two I wanted to mention here were the double barrelled cannon – a particularly unpleasant-sounding inventor devised it to maim as many people as possible in a single shot. However, when tried out, there was unintended chaos.

A more charming story is of the tree that owns itself. Its owner loved it so much that he left it its own plot of land in his will.

Both in Athens, Georgia, where we went to meet my blog friend Hey Bartender, though she’s a wine merchant now. She is brilliant fun and her husband, who owns a wonderful deli, is too. I’d love to go back and hit the music scene with them. She shaped much of my musical taste, some 10 or 12 years ago.

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  1. Z Post author

    Dharmabum, I hope all is well with you. I want to come back to India – of course, it hasn’t been possible at all for the last two years. My sister wants to visit her friend in Chennai and hopes to do so this autumn. Whether I might be able to come depends on things here. First, i have to have completed all the work related to the sale of Tim’s house and his estate. Then I have to have someone to stay and look after the house and animals. So I just don’t know at present, but I’ll certainly tell you when it’s going to happen. Where do you live now?

    I was very relaxed, it was wonderful, Scarlet.

    1. Dharmabum

      I shuttle between Madras (now called Chennai) where my workplace is & Pondicherry, where my parents live. If you do manage to negotiate all that & visit, please let me know 🙂

  2. 63mago

    Chain shots (“Kettenkugeln”) were used in the 30 years war, but they came out of cannons with one barrel, a nasty weapon.
    But let’s look at nicer things : I like the idea that the tree belongs to itself, and that the community respects the wishes of its former owner. I never before had heard of these cabbage babies, the place has a quality of it’s own.
    Glad to see that you enjoyed the journey !


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