Mood swings

I seem to have been up and down several times today. Perhaps I’m missing Wink. So I’ll pull myself up with the good old five positive things.

  1. I’ve got quite a lot done outside. I’ve been strimming the rough grass just outside the house, an area I’m very fond of. It’s not a big patch but there are bluebells, crocuses and various other flowers until midsummer, lots of different grasses and then it usually gets cut back by Wince. However, he hasn’t done it yet, first because I left it for Eloise and then because he wasn’t able to work last week. So I’ve cut it longer than he does and I prefer it. It’s about six inches long, still green and still appealing to wildlife and Eloise.
  2. I’ve also caught up with the washing. This does not sound remarkable and it isn’t, but I have changed Wink’s bedclothes and, while I was about it, done our bed too, and washed the sheets and also the tablecloths. I have booked a session of ironing with my cleaners – they’re not coming back for more than three weeks (I have two ladies for two hours once a month, more than which makes me too lazy) but, while they’ve been out of action, I’ve asked them to do the ironing instead; at any rate the biggest items plus Tim’s shirts.
  3. Eloise cat is over halfway through her cage incarceration. It’s not an easy time for any of us, she isn’t happy. But her leg is doing really well and she hardly limps at all.
  4. Tim cooked dinner tonight and it was delicious. He made rissoles from the leftover lamb and they were so good that I’ve asked him to use the other half of the leftovers to make the same thing tomorrow, to be frozen for another day.
  5. Wink is safely home in Wiltshire and Weeza and her business partner are coming on Wednesday to start redecorating the cottage. Initially just one room is to be done, but most of the other rooms will be repainted in a while. It was going to happen next month, but W and M have an unexpected delay next week, so can spare a day to get started.

There we go. I feel better. Not fabulous, but certainly better than when I started.

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