I took a sofa day yesterday. It was snowing, but not pleasantly – damp, windy and very cold and, much as I enjoy building a snowman, I didn’t feel encouraged to by the weather, especially as it was due to rain later on. Lots of people did build snowmen, though and put pictures on social media, so I must admit to being a wuss.

Eloise cat certainly enjoyed herself, snuggled up on me for a few hours. I did a few more hand drawings – managed to find a finer felt-tip pen, which was easier and better – but I haven’t got one I want to transfer to paper yet. Today, I made bread and marmalade instead. A multi-grain seeded loaf and a dozen white rolls, plus two batches, comprising 16 jars, of marmalade. It required good timing but it all worked out very well and I was finished by 4.30. I’ll buy the same weight of oranges again and make two more batches and that’ll be plenty for the year, with a few jars to give away. Assuming I can find up enough jars, I’m running a bit short.

Wink phoned this morning, sounding cheerful. She’s still really tired and sleeps quite a lot but I reminded her that this is what she should expect. It’s only a few days since major surgery and a general anaesthetic. I checked back here to December 2016 and I was the same – I felt fine while I was resting, but as soon as I was up and doing anything, I wanted a nap.

Nothing on this coming week – that is, lots in the diary, but it’s all cancelled. So there is absolutely no reason not to get on with drawing practice. None. Not in the least. I’ll just do it.

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    1. Z Post author

      I couldn’t have managed without your expertise in the orange-slicing department, LT. You are the hub of the wheel.


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