Lovely lunch

We’ve searched and haven’t found the car key. I gave my metal detector to a friend last year, so I’ll phone in the morning and ask to borrow it back. We are at a loss.

But we went out for lunch today, to a café that had a write-up in the local paper a couple of weeks ago. It’s a new venture for a couple, he is a cook and she grows plants and they’ve combined the two into a place that serves meals and has pot plants all around on shelves. It’s tiny, fewer than 20 covers indoors, plus three picnic tables outside and it was very busy.

It was lovely. All tables were taken when we arrived, but we were invited to sit on stools at the counter until places were free. I told them where I’d read about the place and, a few minutes later, one of the customers came up as he was leaving, to ask if we lived in Yagnub? I explained that we were just outside and he said that he’d grown up in the town, his father was a local doctor. So I asked the name, of course, and it’s a very well-known one here, though Dr M had retired long before we moved here. He said that he and his wife had been in the café in Yagnub a week or two ago and had fallen into conversation with a couple – he mentioned a connection, and I was immediately able to recognise them as very good friends of mine. So that was a delight, we chatted a bit more and then we took their places at the table and received our food.

I had onion marmalade, feta cheese, fig and pine nuts on flatbread, Wink had creamy mushrooms on sourdough bread with poached egg, except she asked them to omit the egg as we are living on them at present. It was all really excellent, quite delicious.

While we were eating, a couple with their young daughter and their dog came in, so we invited them to join us as there were no other free tables. And we chatted with them too. The daughter was lovely and showed us her Pop-it toys, so I’ve bought some for Rufus and Perdita. And the mother gave me some good advice about driving lessons in the Diss area, which i’ve passed on to Squiffany.

Because Squiffany will be 17 years old in just over a week. Seventeen. My little baby granddaughter, darling child.

Later, I finally managed to pair up the phone properly with the car and to the app that will switch on the heater at a given time, and so on. The car is a pleasure to drive and it’s nice to see when you’re driving economically or not, and when the battery recharges as you slow down. Interesting. I haven’t recharged it yet, I will tomorrow probably, as I’ve a rather longer journey on Tuesday, so might as well give myself time to get to know what to do.

5 comments on “Lovely lunch

  1. 63mago

    Congratulations to the sauce. I have no real idea about kumquats, it sounds all very interesting.
    But even more interesting is the missing key(s). This is something that can make me get up in the night. Maybe I am a bit too obsessed with “things at their place” …

  2. Z Post author

    I’ve had to go up a gear, as it were, AQ. I’m getting a bit old for this sort of malarkey.

    Kumquats look like tiny oranges but the peel is edible. You can eat them raw but they make a lovely compôte to go with ice cream or a dessert. But I don’t really eat desserts, so wanted to turn them into an accompaniment for a savoury dish.

    We feel pretty obsessed about the key too, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been out to search. I’ll update next. And I was very tempted by a Renault Zoe! – but I thought it was a bit smaller than what I wanted. And electric cars are in pretty short supply at present too. This is a Vauxhall Corsa, pretty well entry-level but it’s a reasonable size inside, comfortable back and front, the main size difference from my Focus is a much smaller boot. But I’ll borrow the Focus back when I need it.

  3. savannah49

    Your lunch menu sounds delicious! I miss living in a small town even though Los Angeles is a series of small enclaves connected by freeways, the connection is different. We’re still looking for the “right” car for city driving, but not very hard because gas prices are soooooo high here, but I am not complaining! xoxo


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