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Just catching up with present day stuff as this is a journal of sorts. Back to the past next time.

All the carpets in the annexe were cleaned yesterday, and I’ve moved a few bits of furniture in there today. There was already a bed and wardrobe and I’ve added a couple of armchairs and a dining table and chairs, a toaster and kettle, mugs and glasses and I’ve made the bed. I thought I’d buy a small table-top fridge – not the tiny one that just holds a few tins of beer, but the next size up. Tim pointed out that we have two fridges and surely we could manage with just one for a bit? That seemed logical, so we moved everything into one fridge.

We came to our senses. I’ve bought a table-top fridge.

Tomorrow, I’ll take through a few kitchen utensils and some crockery, though really she’s only using the place to sleep at present. As time goes by, she will bring up more of her own stuff until the final move, whenever that is.

Having been to the florist, I’ve now visited the nice little clothes shop. The woman who owns it hasn’t shut the changing rooms. She’s using the two alternately, cleaning each one before another person uses it. She feels that makes more sense than letting people take clothes home, not knowing what their own conditions are or how many people will try them on. I bought my entire summer wardrobe, not that I really need anything as I’m not going anywhere much. Still, I brought a smile to her face and that’s a good thing in itself. Lovely that shops are opening up again – though, as I have said before, I have no real wish to go anywhere other than Yagnub.

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