Jesus the toddler

I went to a Nadfas lecture this morning about mediaeval depictions of the Nativity. It was interesting, lots of research and knowledge and there was humour in the lecture too. Of course, it’s the funniest bits that remain with you.

One was the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves. Jesus in a baby walker

The other was a picture of Joseph with a sock and shoe off, with him intent on the sock, which he was busy making into Baby Jesus’s first baby grow. Just brilliant.

After that, i went down to the bank to get some papers copied and certified, ready to send off. It’s all so dismal. But I’m making progress, however slowly..

I don’t enjoy going to the lectures, because it’s something we did together. Much more painful for the survivor of a couple who did everything together, but quite hard enough. As I walked along the top of the market, past the Guildhall and down Exchange Street, I thought about family members who have died at home. My mother-in-law died in her bedroom, now half of Mel’s spare room. Our mother in Mel’s bedroom. Russell in my bathroom, in my arms. Tim in his Reading bedroom. I’m not afraid of the fact of death and being where someone has died is not something to fear. But the proximity of the death of someone you love is hard to live with and I cried as I walked along. On the way home, I filled the car with petrol – a garage halfway between Norwich and Yagnub not only has the cheapest fuel but is the only place I know where there’s a pump attendant. Then I stopped at the plant nursery and bought myself a bowl of pink hyacinths, a broom and a Christmas tree.

Of course, that meant I had to find a Christmas tree stand, which took a little while. We’ve got several, because Al used to use them to display his stock, but they’re randomly placed in barns and workshops. I had to buy a 6 foot tree as the smaller ones didn’t have a trunk that would go into a stand and I’d have had to saw off the bottom branches. I’d already thought I might put it in the dining room, and that’s got a high enough ceiling. So it’s waiting for a few more days to be decorated, because it’s nowhere near Christmas yet.

Then I fetched the wheelbarrow and shifted 4 bags of chicken feed at 20k each and one of dry cat food at 10 kilos. I potted up two azaleas, which need watering every day because they dry out so quickly and I don’t water daily in the winter, therefore they need more earth, so I don’t have to.

I’ve cried off a social do this weekend. I don’t want to go and I simply explained that. I neither want to tell people that Tim has died nor to receive sympathy from those who already know.

Anyway, back to Baby Jesus in his walker. Isn’t it just the best thing?

3 comments on “Jesus the toddler

  1. Glenda

    I see what you mean about the walker!! Did you have to tie the tree to the top of your car? I can’t keep the cats from destroying a Christmas tree, so don’t put one up. Doesn’t Eloise climb up into it?

    1. Z Post author

      It went in the car, which is a hatchback (not sure if that’s what you call it?) and, with the back seat folded forward, it fitted. Eloise isn’t bothered about it, she’s never tried to climb a Christmas tree, luckily.

  2. 63mago

    I have never seen this illumination before. And Jesus already speaks, achherrjeh. His mother should sent him to the temple to play …
    And what a model family they are : Mary does textile work, Joseph the craftsman with his workshop smooths some wood. I like the “cabinet” – can it be called a cabinet ? – where Mary stores her sewing tools, she’s all “housewife” here, no book in sight.
    Interesting to note that Joseph has no nimbus, Coco is right, the man is always accessoire.


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