Happy Easter

The whole family is coming for lunch tomorrow, which is wonderful. We’ve had a few get-togethers, when lockdown restrictions permitted, over the last couple of years, but this will be the first time we’ve sat together at the same table. Tim will be very much missed, he loved being a part of the family. But I miss him all the time of course, so nothing is much different.

I have bought a leg of lamb, which is hogget I should think, as it’s too big for spring lamb. Pugsley is vegetarian, so I’m doing a red pepper stuffed with rice and so on (I’m still working on the sufficient protein element) to go with the vegetables, and I’ll do an onion gravy so that he can join in everything else. Then profiteroles with cream, raspberries and chocolate sauce. I don’t often make puddings nowadays and had a moment of panic when I wasn’t sure if I’d weighed the eggs right. I had to check the compost bin and count the eggshells.

Wink and I have booked a visit to London next month, to visit the Raphael exhibition at the National Gallery and meet my darling schoolfriend Lynn there. We’ll have supper together before returning in the evening. Thinking about how long Lynn and I have known each other brings home to me how old we are….

Having had another birthday, Wink is hell bent on bucking the family trend and reaching the age of 80. Quite a long way to go yet, but why not? We look after each other very well.

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