Greenhouse 101

I’ve ordered new rat traps. The problem is worse than it’s ever been and I don’t know what else to do about it. The traps are within a box that the chickens shouldn’t be able to access, but I’ve got a couple of milk crates that I can put them in too, for added safety. I could use a pipe otherwise. I’ve also ordered a new, supposedly rat-proof feeder, because the one I have, which is useful because it takes a whole bag of corn, is sold as rat-proof but absolutely isn’t. I sometimes go in the hen run during the day and find rats, standing up to touch the bar and then eating the food that drops out. Let’s face it, rats are smarter than chickens and of course they’ve learned. The new one relies on chickens being heavier than rats – we’ll see. The chooks will have to learn to use it for a start. I never leave any food out overnight, but they’re too bold to wait now. The feral cats have more sense than to tackle full grown ones and they’re not like Rummy, Rose’s cat, who loved ratting. They only kill for food, not sport and apparently rats don’t taste great.

I went to lock the door before going to bed, but managed to trap my skirt in the hinge, so had to unlock and open it again. That alerted Eloise cat, who wanted to go out. So now I have to wait for her. That is, I am waiting politely for her so that she doesn’t have to walk around the house to her cat flap. Ho hum.

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  1. 63mago

    Where do them rats come from ? Do they have a nest, a Bau ? In short a place where they gather and where they could be successfully attacked ? This is a very unpleasant trail of thought, I know, but I can not help, rats are one of the very few creatures I hate. Is the honourable profession of ratcatcher still alive ? And if so, would it be a meaningful option ?
    I have no clue about all this, and of course I’m just some commenter here and have to excuse meself etc., but rats make me grab for my (hypothetical) flamethrower, sorry.

    I find it very nice that you waited for Mme Eloise, I hope she knew to regard this.

    1. Z Post author

      The greenhouse has an earth floor – having tried in the past, I know that there’s no point in blocking off an entrance as they will only dig another one, making massive piles of earth as they go. Rats can get everywhere. Horrible creatures, yet they are intelligent and domesticated ones make affectionate pets. But, as pests, they are too clever for their own good.

      They have runs that go to their nests, but I don’t know where they are. Yes, there are ratcatchers, but my particular needs aren’t covered by standard treatment, which is usually poison. I don’t want to use poison for two reasons – one, that I’d have to be absolutely certain that the chickens couldn’t get at it and two, that I wouldn’t want a cat to catch a poisoned rat and be poisoned itself. Setting traps is a loathsome task, but I’ll do it and dispose of the dead rats. Little fuckers.

      Mme Eloise (she’d like the title) took it for granted, as a Queen (or any other) Cat does.


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