Green jumper day

Today is better, thankfully. I really wasn’t up to much yesterday. Lovely Indigo came for coffee and lunch and we took him to Old Hall Farm, where we all enjoyed our meal and shared a bottle of OHF wine. I’m sure they’re buying in the grapes so far, vines take four years to mature enough to start using the grapes for wine, but that’s entirely legit.

Amusingly, I looked on the ‘memories’ section of Facebook, where it has what you posted in previous years on this day. There’s a picture from 2015 of Indigo hugging Rose and me, outside my house. He’s 6 foot 7 inches and we’re not, we look tiny. I reposted it two years later, observing that I’m wearing the same green cashmere jumper. It so happens that I’m wearing that very jumper again. It’s my 16th October woolly, it seems.

3 comments on “Green jumper day

  1. Scarlet

    I hope every day is better.
    I do like those kind of coincidences such as your Green jumper day – they make me believe that there is a little magic in the world.


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