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We were really lucky with the weather, as we usually are with family events. A lovely day, which we spent outside. That is, we spent the afternoon outside, I was too busy in the kitchen in the morning. The whole family hadn’t been together for months, but all the children just got on happily, as usual. Most of them hadn’t met Izzy the puppy, who loved the attention. Perdita, the baby, loves her Auntie Weeza, even though she’d rarely seen her before. Weeza always gets on well with little children, there’s an instant rapport. It’s been a happy day. I am pretty tired and so is Tim, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing that a good night’s sleep won’t deal with.

My sleep has been disturbed recently by my left ear. It took me a few weeks to work out the problem; which is that I need it to be syringed again. I’m puzzled. I’d never had any issue until two or three years ago and then I put it down to having sometimes used an ear bud in the sleepless small hours, to listen to the radio. I’d lie on my right side with it in my left ear and had the sound on the lowest setting. Having had that dealt with, I’ve never used one since and rarely used earphones – again, on the lowest setting. I can see that my ear didn’t know that and still turned out too much wax, but not why it became impacted. I’ve had a headache and ringing ears for the last month.

It having become worse since trying eardrops, I phoned the GP surgery yesterday morning. The receptionist explained that current practice is that they don’t do routine syringing because of the close contact, unless it’s recommended by a clinician. Instead, I should put oil in the ear daily for six weeks. I asked, in a polite and friendly way, how a clinician could recommend it if I couldn’t be seen by one and, also, what happened after six weeks? Ah, she said and excused herself to go and find out. I was offered a phone call from a nurse. Who invited me in, checked the ear and I’ve got an appointment for next Thursday. I had taken the precaution of finding a private practitioner who’d have done it, otherwise.

It was all fine, friendly and helpful. It’s great that you are seen within a few minutes of an appointment. Some of the hoop-jumping is a bit of a nuisance, but Wink and Tim have also needed to contact the surgery in the last year or so and everyone has received exemplary assistance. I know that’s not the case everywhere, but they’re really good in Yagnub. I have no problem with telephone calls in the first instance, if it’s considered the better option. I’ve often not contacted the surgery at all because I didn’t want to waste a doctor’s time. A quick phone call would have sorted out my query or issue. Though I’m blessed with excellent health, i can’t suggest that’s ideal for everyone.

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