Few words

Not jolly, the opposite. Sorry.

Tim left on Friday to go to his house in Reading , where his late wife’s sister and her husband were going to stay for a few nights. He wasn’t well but he’d seen the doctor last Tuesday and it wasn’t felt there was an immediate danger.

Lynda called sometime before 6 this morning. Tim had called for help at 3.30, they’d phoned for an ambulance but he couldn’t be saved. It wasn’t a heart attack, his heart was fine. It was his aortic valve. It stopped his heart beating. After the shock of breathlessness he didn’t suffer and it was quick, though they tried to revive him for an hour.

I’m in Reading tonight, it’s all complicated. Im going to have to travel back and forth for a few weeks. There will be two funerals, at both our homes.

We knew we didn’t have time for the waiting game. We hoped for longer, though. I’ll miss him dreadfully.

21 comments on “Few words

  1. allotmentqueen

    OMG Zoe. That’s quite shocking. Thank goodness you had a short time in Pembrokeshire. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through, but you have my heartfelt love and sympathy.

  2. MOTB

    Oh Zoe my heart goes out to you. I only know you and LT through your blog but It has always been obvious just how lovely he was and how much you meant to each other. I’ll be thinking of you both.

  3. Scarlet

    I’m so sorry to read this Zoe, in my blogging mind you were a lovely couple who deserved happiness – I’m glad you found each other and wish you’d had longer together.

  4. Beryl Ament

    Lots of things have gone by the wayside recently, including my blog and yours. I had time today to dip into my favorites and was shocked to read your news. I can’t begin to tell you how grieved I am for you. there is nothing I can say except God bless you and your lovely family.

  5. allotmentqueen

    I’m so glad you’ve changed your top picture – a time of happiness if ever there were. You all look so joyful. Take care. xxx

  6. allotmentqueen

    If you need any of Tim’s Dave Anthony’s Moods tapes transferred to CD or mp3 please get in touch. It’s what I’ve been doing for years

  7. dinahmow

    I sent a message via Facebook as I couldn’t find your address. (Just moved house and had to use P’s laptop)
    I am so very sorry to learn about Tim. I am glad you had each other, just sorry it was not for longer.I wish you strength and love. ((xx))

  8. Tamsin

    So so sorry to read this, Z. Have been reading your blog for yonks now, and was so happy for you when you and LT got together. Sending you a big hug and a large glass of red wine.

    1. Z Post author

      Thanks Lyle. I’m letting blogs go, I don’t catch up as often as I used to. Tim’s funeral was yesterday, I’ve been fairly calm today.


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