Fat hedgehogs. And bears.

The catalogue for the auction is up on the website and I’ve emailed to ask if it’s possible to correct the proof and send it to me. This week, I’m meeting Dora and Perdita for lunch on Wednesday, which I’m looking forward to. I haven’t seen any of the family for a month – apart from a few business callers and shopkeepers, I haven’t seen anyone at all. On Friday, my accountant is coming over. She had a baby 14 months ago, so did last year’s tax returns a bit earlier than usual and is doing this year’s a bit later, but there’s still plenty of time. I’ve explained to Tim that I need a day to panic, will get to grips with it on Tuesday and remember various vital bits on Thursday, so can look organised and capable by the time she arrives. I could, of course, Just Do It, but that’s far too sensible.

Rose left behind her chicken coops, as she isn’t doing that sort of thing any more, and I set up the wooden one on the grass next to the veggie garden, ready for a mum and chicks. However, as I’ve already said, I ended up just letting them in with the rest of the chickens, which has worked out well. No losses and they’re several weeks old now. Then a hedgehog moved in and I’ve been feeding it, and the amount of straw in there has mysteriously increased. How? Do they roll in straw, transport it and leave it behind? Very odd, but it’s certainly scuffled around every morning and I’m wondering if the hedgehog is planning to hibernate there. I don’t think it’ll be warm enough, though, if we get really bad weather. I think I’ll have to ask the nice people at the local hedgehog rescue place. Quite possibly, adding extra straw and maybe something protective on the outside of the coop will do.

I’ve got lots to do outside but I’m a fair weather gardener nowadays and the weather is anything but fair. I was kept awake by the rain last night, though it’s been mostly drizzle today. Which reminds me, I must vote in today’s Fat Bear competition.

One comment on “Fat hedgehogs. And bears.

  1. Blue Witch

    I think it’s wet rather than cold that kills off hedgehogs. Provided they are fat enough going into winter, provided they keep dry, they are generally OK. Or so I’ve read…


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